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Alternatively you can text 'SKIPPY' to 087 9673155

Chris Lynch Skip Hire & Waste Management Services
Zone C, Mullingar Business Park, Co. Westmeath.

Tel: 044 9339544 - Email: info@clwaste.ie


Please read delivery information before purchasing a bag to ensure service in your area.

The ‘Skippy Bag’ is the most effective and easiest way to dispose of your waste. Never has it been too easy to rid your home, sheds, business of waste. Our skip bags come in three different size, 1 tonne ‘Junior’ Bag, a 1.5 tonne ‘Super’ bag or 2 tonne ‘Mega’ bag.

Super Bag


Bag Cost: €10.00

Collection Cost: €75.00

Big enough for baths, radiators, cabinets, etc. 1.25 tonnes or 1.5 cubic metres

Total: €85.00

How the SkippyBag works

How the SkippyBag works

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